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10th Battalion Witley Camp - August 1915
10th Battalion Witley Camp - August 1915
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Witley Military Camp


During the First World War, huge army camps were developed on the commons south of Godalming and thousands of troops of the Canadian expeditionary forces were stationed at Witley Military Camp. Canadian Soldiers became a feature of the town with even a canteen being established in Croft Road for their use.

One of the three facilities in the Aldershot Command area established by the Canadian Army, Witley Military Camp was often simplified to Camp Witley. The two other Canadian camps in the area were at Bordon and Bramshott.

Two Canadian servicemen are buried in Commonwealth War Graves at Eashing Cemetery: James Henry Galt and Michael John McNab both from Ontario.

Canadians with relatives who had military experiences in Godalming or the surrounding villages are warmly invited to visit the places, which for periods of both the First and Second World Wars, thousands of Canadians called home.

Witley Camp, nr Godalming (Witley Camp, nr Godalming)