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Eashing Cemetery | View from the Natural Burial Area
Eashing Cemetery | View from the Natural Burial Area
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Natural Burial Area


Eashing Cemetery's Natural Burial area has been designated for 'Green Burials' and has been developed using native trees and plants.  The Natural Burial area provides a living memorial in an area in which wild life and wild flowers flourish, as such, with the exception of a wooden marker plaque with a carved name, man made memorials or artifacts are not permitted in this section of the cemetery.

Natural burial plots are 2.7 x 1.2 metres (9ft x 4ft) and are available for either the burial of a single coffin or 4 caskets of cremated remains. The interment of a body is to a depth of 1.8 metres (6ft) which is the depth required for a single coffin. Double depth grave spaces are not allowed in the natural burial area as to bury deeper than 1.8 metres increases the time required and ability of materials to biodegrade, also a second burial would disturb the planting established following the first burial.


Individuals contemplating a 'Green Burial' in the Natural Burial area should consider the following points when reaching their decision:


If you are interested in the Natural Burial area or would like further information please contact us by using the contact page on this website or by calling 01483 523112.  The costs and fees relating to the Natural Burial area are shown on the Fees & Charges page of this website.

Eashing Cemetery| Natural Burial Area (Eashing Cemetery| Natural Burial Area)